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Crafting is a major method by which blocks, tools, and other resources are created in Minecraft. It is a function only available in Indev, Infdev and Alpha modes.

2x2 Grid
2×2 crafting grid
3x3 Grid
3×3 crafting grid

In order to craft something, the player must move items from their inventory into the crafting grid, then arrange them into the correct pattern for the item they wish to create. While some recipes require a degree of trial and error to discover, most can be found through common sense.

The player has access to a 2x2 crafting grid - located in the inventory screen - at all times. Simple things can be crafted there, like wood planks, sticks and workbenches. To craft with a 3x3 grid, the player must first place a workbench block into the game world, then right click on it.

When crafting items with limited uses (tools, armor, and weapons), each improvement in building material roughly doubles the number of times the item may be used prior to breaking as well as increasing its speed or power. Once an item breaks, it disappears from the inventory.

    Wood: 33 uses, n = 0
    Gold: 33 uses, n = 0
    Iron: 129 uses, n = 2

The formula for the number of uses is 2^(5+n)+1. "n" is the durability of the material being used, and the values for each are on the above list. Incrementing n by 1 nearly doubles the number of uses.

Regardless of what item is being used, a use counts as either the complete deletion of a block or a single strike at an enemy, but an incomplete attempt to delete a block (stopping in the middle) does not qualify as a use. If a tool is used inappropriately, such as using a pickaxe to attack mobs, each use will have the equivalent of 2 proper uses.



[edit] Recipes

[edit] Basic

Name Input » Output Description
Workbench File:CraftingWorkbenchIO.png Allows for use of the 3×3 crafting grid.
Furnace File:CraftingFurnaceIO.png Allows for the smelting of ores and cooking of food.
Planks File:CraftingPlanksIO.png Used as a building material and can be crafted into many things.
Sticks File:CraftingSticksIO.png Used for torches, arrows, signs, ladders, and as handles for tools.
Torches File:CraftingTorchIO.png Used to generate light. Torches also melt snow and ice.
Chest File:CraftingChestIO.png Stores stacks of items inside. Two chests make a large chest when you put one next to another.

[edit] Blocks

Name Input » Output Description
Ore Blocks File:CraftingBlocksIOanim.gif Allows bars to be crafted into placeable blocks. Full blocks can also be crafted into 9 bars again.
Cloth Block File:CraftingClothIO.png Used as a building material. Cloth can also be obtained from Sheep.
TNT Block File:CraftingTNTIO.png Used to cause explosions. Gunpowder can be obtained from Creepers or from chests in Dungeons.
Steps File:CraftingStepsIO.png Used for half block steps. Two half blocks on top of each other create a full-sized block.
Stairs File:CraftingStairsIOanim.gif Used for full block stairs.
Snow Block File:CraftingSnowBlockIO.png Used for storing snowballs or as building material.
Clay Block File:CraftingClayBlockIO.png Used to store clay and as an alternative to Stone.
Brick Block File:CraftingBrickBlockIO.png Used as a building material.

[edit] Tools

Name Input » Output Description
Axes File:CraftingAxesIOanim.gif Used to chop wood-related blocks faster than by hand.
Pickaxes File:CraftingPickaxesIOanim.gif Required to mine stone-related blocks and ore.
Shovels File:CraftingShovelsIOanim.gif Used to dig Dirt, Grass, Sand, Gravel, Clay and Snow faster than by hand.
Swords File:CraftingSwordsIOanim.gif When equipped, makes your attacks more powerful on Mobs than by hand.
Hoes File:CraftingHoesIOanim.gif Used to till Dirt blocks to find seeds and/or prepare for Crops.
Bow File:CraftingBowIO.png Allows for ranged attacks by using arrows. String can be found from Spiders.
Arrows File:CraftingArrowsIO.png Used as ammunition for bows. Feathers can be found from Chickens and Zombies.
Flint and Steel File:CraftingFlintIO.png Used to create a Fire.
Bucket File:CraftingBucketIO.png‎ Used to transport water, lava and milk.

[edit] Armor

Note that Chainmail armor is also craftable, but only by hacking Fire blocks into your inventory and crafting them.

Name Input » Output Description
Helmet File:CraftingHelmetsIOanim.gif Head armor, gives 1.5 armor points.
Chestplate File:CraftingChestplatesIOanim.gif Chest armor, gives 4 armor points.
Leggings File:CraftingLeggingsIOanim.gif Leg armor, gives 3 armor points.
Boots File:CraftingBootsIOanim.gif Foot armor, gives 1.5 armor points.

[edit] Transportation

Name Input » Output Description
Minecart File:CraftingMinecartIO.png Used to transport the player along Minecart tracks.
Powered Minecart File:PoweredMinecartCraft.png Used to push other Minecarts along Minecart tracks.
Storage Minecart File:StorageMinecartCraft.png Used to transport goods along Minecart tracks.
Minecart Tracks File:CraftingMinecartTracksIO.png‎ Used to direct Minecarts.
Boat File:CraftingBoatIO.png‎ Used to travel in water quicker than by swimming. When crashed you receive 3 planks and 2 sticks.

[edit] Mechanics

Name Input » Output Description
Door File:CraftingDoorsIOanim.gif Wooden doors activated by right clicking. Iron doors can only be activated with Buttons, Levers, Pressure Plates, or Redstone Torches.
Pressure Plates File:CraftingPressurePlatesIOanim.gif Used to activate objects by being stepped on. Wooden Pressure Plates can also be activated by having something dropped on them.
Stone Button File:CraftingStoneButtonIO.png Used to activate objects by being pressed.
Redstone Torch File:CraftingRedTorchIO.png Used to activate objects and power Redstone Wires.
Lever File:CraftingLeverIO.png Used to activate and deactivate objects.

[edit] Food

Name Input » Output Description
Bowls File:CraftingBowlsIO.png Used to hold Mushroom Stew.
Mushroom Stew File:CraftingMushroomStewIO.png Heals 5 hearts.
Bread File:CraftingBreadIO.png Heals 2.5 hearts.
Golden Apple File:CraftingGoldenAppleIO.png Heals all 10 hearts.

[edit] Miscellaneous

Name Input » Output Description
Painting File:CraftingPaintingIO.png Used as decoration.
Sign File:CraftingSignIO.png‎ Shows text input by the player.
Ladder File:CraftingLadderIO.png‎ Used to climb vertically.
Papers File:CraftingPaperIO.png‎ Used to create books.
Book File:CraftingBookIO.png‎ Used to create a bookshelf.
Bookshelf File:CraftingBookcaseIO.png Used as decoration.
Jukebox File:CraftingJukebox.png Plays a song when you use a record on it. Records can be acquired by killing Creepers or from chests in Dungeons.
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